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  • How do I buy a snake from Naga Den Reptiles?
    All of our snakes for sale will be listed on our Morph Market page in the near future, and will be kept up to date as much as posible. To put in a request to buy a snake you like, call/message/email us to put in a request OR simply click the Contact Us page and message us through there.
  • What do I need to know before buying a snake from you?
    Before buying a snake from us, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to NOT impulse buy and do your research prior to making the purchase. We wish the best for our animals and hope they will be cared for and loved. If you have never owned or cared for any reptiles there are a few things we ask you to consider for the well-being of the animal. 1. Have I done my research? When thinking about getting a new animal, it is important to do your own research on that particualr spieces, as they will all have their own needs, personalities, requirements, etc. With snakes, you will want to make sure you know what kind of snake you want, what their temperment is like, what kind of enclosures they should have, their heating, what kind of food they eat, etc. 2. Do I have everything I need ready before getting a snake? Before you buy a snake, it is important that you have an enclosure set up and ready. As we know snakes are cold blooded, they do not regulate their own body temperature and will need an outide source to rely on. Depending on the species of snake that you buy, you'll want to make sure you have AT LEAST the following set up; - a tank or tub to house the snake in, with a secure top and a spot in your home to house the snake - subsrate for the snake to lay on, such as aspen, reptichip, etc. - a heat source; heat lamp(s), heat mat, or heat tape. - hides; it is recomended to have at least 1-2 on opisite sides of the enclosure for heat gradience. - a water dish - and lastly some foliage such as plants (can be real or fake) and/or branches for the snake to have some enrichment and exercise. 3. How will I obtain food for my snake? This is mainly for more rural areas, but you'll want to make sure you have a reliable source to get food for your snake. In most cases, your snake will eat mice or rats. These can be most commonly obtained from your local pet stores in frozen form and sometimes alive. Another option would be getting it from local breeders, or in frozen bulk from major feeder sellers.
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