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Shipping Info & Policy

All reptiles will be overnight shipped from our local FedEx hub here in Anchorage, AK. Shipping is available to any state in the U.S. (except Hawaii)


When shipping a reptile to you, you will receive a tracking number. It is recommended that you are able to pick it up at your local FedEx hub, as this will limit the number of delays to getting your reptile. If you have any detailed questions about the process and our policy feel free to contact us!


When buying a reptile from us we are very flexible. We are open to deliver to your house or meet in a mutual location. If you live outside of the main Anchorage borders (Eagle River+ or Girdwood+) can be discussed for delivery for an additional fee.

Return & Exchange Policy

If you purchase a reptile from us and later on down the road decide that you no longer want it or can't care for it anymore, let us know! Don't give it up to a shelter! We want the best for the reptile, and in such a case it will be no cost to you. We will pick up the reptile or send you the necessary packing materials and step-by-step information to send it back to us. 

If there is any complications at all, give us a call to discuss further options.

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